Friday, January 13, 2012

Essentials of Training for Women Boxers

Boxing training requires women to work on keeping their endurance up and their muscles tight. Running, weightlifting and technique practice are the basics of boxing training, and boxers also can participate in sparring to get better. Women boxers must be careful not to overexert themselves but at the same must train enough to be in stellar shape for upcoming fights.
Running long distances at a slow pace is not the optimal training regimen for female boxers. According to Bodybulding, "One of the best ways to condition the body for boxing is through interval running. Intervals consist of intense, sustained running for a set distance or time." Boxing rounds last for two very intense minutes, so a 55-minute run at a slow pace will not benefit boxers as much as short sprints will. The website recommends that boxers run sprints at 200 meters and then add 200 more for each step up until they reach 800 meters.
According to Truly Huge website, the idea that boxers should not life weights is a myth. Some of the benefits women can get from lifting include quicker punches, decreased fat and increased muscle, plus better neural adaptations. Athletes must lift weights to stave off fat gain, and no athlete can be worse off with more strength. While overdoing a weightlifting program can hinder a boxer's progress, it is necessary that they engage in the activity on a frequent basis to maintain a strong body.
Proper technique provides boxers with offense and defense. Throwing punches in the correct manner lets boxers make contact with more of their attempts, and just as important, proper defensive technique lessen the likelihood of severe blows to the face and body. Women need to perfect their stance, punching technique and defensive moves to give themselves the best chance of winning in a real bout.
It can be difficult for women to find a willing opponent to practice their punches on. A sparring partner wears a mask and flat-handed gloves so that the female boxer can throw punches at full intensity and not hurt the partner. The Learn About Boxing blog touts sparring's benefits, most importantly that boxers can work on their combinations and game plans in a realistic situation. Working on combinations with a punching bag is not the same as doing them with a real human.
Core Training
The core is the most important part of the body in boxing, consisting of the sides, stomach and lower back. According to the Sports Fitness Advisor, a strong core provides better efficiency in movement, improved balance, more power and less chance of injury. Abdominal exercises are the foundation of core training; do exercises that work the lower back and obliques.

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