Saturday, January 7, 2012

Effective Stretches Required for Violen

Playing the violin requires not just musical know-how but the physical ability to perform for long stretches of time. The neck, shoulders, elbows, forearms and fingers endure motions that can cause strain or injury, including tennis elbow, a painful inflammatory condition that strikes not just tennis players but any athlete who repeatedly moves the forearm and elbow. Beginning violinists benefit most from stretches, as their bodies are not yet used to the necessary movements. Stretch both sides of your body, not just the side that holds the violin, as your bow arm will benefit, too.
If you suffer from tennis elbow, forearm stretches can help relieve the symptoms. Extend your arm out in front of you and push your palm down with your opposite hand to form a near-90 degree angle with your arm. In this position, stretch the forearm. Flip your hand over and repeat the exercise. Hold each stretch for 15 seconds in sets of two or three, and repeat five times daily.
Place your hand palm-down on a table, then raise a finger. Let the finger drop back down onto the table forcefully. Press the finger against the table after you drop it for up to 10 seconds to improve your strength. Repeat with each finger in turn. If you feel pain, stop.
Keeping your fingers and hand tense, open and close your hand 25 times. Close it all the way to a tight fist and then open it as wide as possible. This develops both flexibility and strength in the hands.
Novice violinists often suffer from stiff wrists. To loosen your wrists, relax and place your forearm and wrist against a wall, then rap the wall softly with your knuckles. The movement should come from your wrist.
To exercise the scalene muscles of your neck, sit down in a chair and grab the left side of the chair. Point your nose at your right armpit to stretch the side of your neck. Then tilt your head to the right so your ear touches your shoulder to stretch the middle of your neck. Finally, turn your head to the right and look up to stretch the front of the neck. Hold each position for 30 to 90 seconds and then repeat on the opposite side, grasping the other side of the chair.

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