Friday, January 13, 2012

Easy Indoor Weight Loss Workouts in Winter

Get in shape despite cold weather by finding ways to exercise indoors. Try walking at your local mall, going to a rock-climbing gym, exercising to a yoga DVD, participating in a group fitness class or playing fitness video games at home. Not only does winter exercise keep you in shape, it may boost your immunity toward colds and relieve the winter blues, according to the Mayo Clinic.
Indoor Walking and Jogging
Start a walking, jogging or running fitness program this winter to stay in shape. Join a gym with a track if you prefer, or find a local building to run in for free. Many community centers offer free access to indoor tracks if you can present a valid identification with a local address. Some stadiums allow people to walk, run or climb stairs when they are not hosting events. Go walking at a nearby mall -- malls sometimes open early to allow people to exercise without bumping into shoppers.
Rock Climbing
Go to an indoor rock-climbing gym to get in shape over the winter. Rock climbing develops strength, balance and endurance. According to a study published in the "Journal of Undergraduate Kinesiology Research," rock climbing provides a good workout, meeting heart rate and aerobic capacity guidelines recommended by the Unites States Surgeon General and the American College of Sports Medicine.
Take yoga classes this winter to keep in shape. Try a variety of styles to get the results you want. Some styles focus on increasing strength, while others focus on flexibility or endurance. Yoga may also boost your immunity against winter colds, writes Elizabeth Winter from "Yoga Journal." Yoga postures in which your head or chest are lowered help lymph circulate through your nose and throat. Lymph is a body fluid that helps trap and filter bacteria and viruses.
Group Classes
Group fitness classes provide a fun, social atmosphere and upbeat music to help you shed the winter blues. You may choose from a variety of classes including spinning, kickboxing, dancing or weight training. Additionally, seeing your classmates and instructor may help motivate you to exercise on low-energy days. Sign up for a group exercise class through your local gym or community education organization.
Video Games
Active video games help keep off pounds, writes Susan Kramer in an article published in "Doc News," a journal supported by the American Diabetes Association. Try Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR, a game that requires coordinated footwork at a fast pace, giving you an aerobic workout. Other games include a boxing game by Konami that works your upper body and fitness games on the Wii that involve running in place, executing yoga poses or doing balance exercises.

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