Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Different Kickboxing Styles in Texas

For those interested in getting into kickboxing, becoming adept at the sport means more than learning how to throw in a few kicks into an ordinary set of boxing rounds. Kickboxing can vary in terms of fighting styles, the intensity level of the classes and the physical fitness goals involved. Texas offers options for the aspiring athlete.
Real Excercise
If you're serious about getting in shape and have an interest in martial arts, then trying a kickboxing class at a location like Gold's Gym or YMCA can be a start; however, if you would like to concentrate exclusively on kickboxing and different forms of it as a martial art which focus on faciliating physical fitness, then selecting a dojo in Texas like White Collar Boxing may be a better choice.
Kickboxing Focus
Practicing a fighting art isn't a sport that necessarily has to be reserved for large grown men who have already reached their fitness goals. Family-friendly locations in Texas like the Texas Kickboxing Academy in Kady give students of all ages the chance to try kickboxing both as a competitive sport and a method that allows each member of the family to get in shape. Passes for free classes give those new to the sport the chance to try it without any obligations.
Kung Fu
Heading to Plano or Garland, Texas, can open up the opportunity to attend Kung Fu-style kickboxing classes at one of Tay Son Nhan's two locations. This Texas martial-arts school gives aspiring fighters the chance to experience styles of the sport which some consider to be a little more exotic and somewhat more concentrated when it comes to helping an athlete to establish his or her mental focus. Tay Son Nhan's two locations offer classes for those in every age group and accentuate Southern styles of Kung Fu.
Muay Thai
Fighting rounds in terms of Muay Thai tend to be a little tougher it terms of the strain put on the athlete, but it may be the discipline for you if you're totally focused on becoming a serious kickboxer, consider yourself to be one of the tougher type of Texans and are up for the challenge. Siam Star Muay Thai may be located inside a Gold's Gym, but it's an opportune Texas location within which to learn the style.
Combatative Confidence
Fans of kickboxing are likely to be familiar with Guy Mezger. Although retired from the sport, Mezger's Combat Sports Club offers a kickboxing program as of 2010 that blends some of the best of more than one style or method of boxing, martial arts, and fighting. Heading to Addison, Texas, to learn to fight the Guy Mezger way is an option that allows aspiring kickboxers to learn from someone who has a considerable level of easily verifiable experience.

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