Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Closed Face Driver Hitting Techniques in Golf

How you swing your driver off the tee box determines the ball flight. Swinging a square, or open-faced driver from the outside in, sends your ball to the right of your target, often landing in the rough, weeds, trees or water -- everywhere but the fairway. The angle on a closed-face driver points to the left of the target at address to correct the ball trajectory without adjusting your swing. Learn the natural angle of the closed-face driver at address by visiting a driving range prior to using the club on the course.
Step 1
Allow the sole of the closed-face driver to rest on a hard surface. Align your body with the target and hold the driver in your normal grip. Note that the angle of the clubface points to the left of your target. Do not adjust the angle of the clubface, as your tendency to square or open the clubface based on your original driver will defeat the purpose of the closed-face driver.
Step 2
Tee up a golf ball and place it forward in your stance. Stand with your feet slightly farther than shoulder-width apart. Use your normal grip on the golf club.
Step 3
Address the ball on the tee with the clubhead resting on its sole in front of the ball. This action confirms that the clubface is pointing to the left of your target and makes sure you are utilizing the closed-face club correctly.
Step 4
Draw the club into your backswing. Shift your weight to the inside of your back leg as you start your downswing and power through the swing, striking the ball.

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