Friday, January 13, 2012

Calories Burned With Sauna

Contrary to enduring fitness myth, just sitting in a sauna doesn't burn calories. In fact, because maintaining body temperature takes a great deal of energy, you burn fewer calories sitting in a sauna than you would in the snow. However, you can burn calories in a sauna by working out in the heated air. You'll break a heavy sweat, which some people find gratifying, and see a temporary loss in water weight. The main things to watch for are overheating and dehydration, both of which are elevated risks in that environment.
Step 1
Drink 8 to 16 oz. of water about 10 minutes before you enter the sauna for your workout session. This contributes to keeping your hydration at a safe level during your workout.
Step 2
Enter the sauna. If you have a preference, adjust the heat and humidity settings to suit you.
Step 3
Sit on a bench and relax for several minutes, breathing and allowing the heat to loosen your muscles. Stretch for several more minutes. One advantage of exercising in a sauna is the greater flexibility and relaxation in your muscles from the heat.
Step 4
Stand on the floor of the sauna, well away from the heating element. Confirm that you have all the room you need to perform your exercise routine without hitting a wall, bench or -- especially -- the heating element.
Step 5
Drink several sips of water from your water bottle. Remember: If you become thirsty, you're already dehydrated.
Step 6
Perform your workout. Good choices for the environment of a sauna include running in place, calisthenics and yoga. In fact, Bikram -- a specific sub-school of yoga -- specifically is practiced in a sauna-like environment.
Step 7
Sip water regularly throughout your workout.
Step 8
Follow your workout with another session of stretching. At this point, your muscles likely have a significantly better range of motion than under normal circumstances. This can feel very nice and contribute to improved flexibility in the future.
Step 9
Leave the sauna -- preferably before you've spent more than a total of 20 minutes inside. Longer periods in such an area may increase your body temperature to an unsafe level.

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