Friday, January 13, 2012

Calories Burned in House Work

People may consider housework to be one of the necessary evils of life, but it doesn’t need to have such a negative vibe. Since the house has to be cleaned anyway, take the opportunity to turn it into a calorie-burning activity that will help with your overall weight-loss goals. You can get a decent strength and cardiovascular workout using nothing more than the basic housekeeping tools you’ve been using all along.
Step 1
Schedule your tasks to alternate between upstairs and downstairs chores, if you have stairs in the house.
Step 2
Bend at your knees so your thighs are parallel to the floor with your back straight every time you have to bend to pick up something.
Step 3
Place your laundry basket on the floor beside you when you’re ironing so you have to bend down to retrieve each item.
Step 4
Wash the floors on your hands and knees for a better arm and shoulder workout. Alternate hands periodically to work both sides. Use a foam kneepad if the floor bothers your knees.
Step 5
Write a list of chores you must do, then set a timer and attempt to complete all the chores before your time runs out.
Step 6
Clean furniture with a wax polish instead of a spray, if possible, so you have to use more muscle to get it clean.
Step 7
Cook meals from scratch instead of just heating up processed foods, so you’ll do more chopping and stirring. Use a whisk instead of an electric mixer whenever possible.

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