Monday, January 9, 2012

Building a Box for Freestyle Snowboarding

Freestyle snowboarding is a form of the sport in which the rider performs tricks on manmade terrain features such as jumps, rails and boxes. A box is an object constructed with a slick top that the rider slides on with the base of his board. Boxes come in many shapes, sizes and difficulty levels. According to the ABC-of-Snowboarding website, 50/50 grinds, rock-n-roll grinds and five-o grinds are among the most common tricks executed on a box. You can build a cheap box for snowboarding using supplies from your local hardware and lumberyard.

Step 1
Determine the length, width and height dimensions of your box. A common rectangular box design is 8 feet long, 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall. Smaller boxes are more mobile, while longer boxes allow for greater trick variation.
Step 2
Purchase all of the necessary supplies according to your design. You can find the materials at your local building supply or home improvement store.
Step 3
Cut the two-by-fours to size. Saw four long boards to the length of the box, six boards to the height of the box and six boards to the width of the box.
Step 4
Construct the two side frames of the rectangular box using wood screws. Connect the long two-by-fours to the boards cut to the height measurement; place studs at both ends and in the center of each side frame.
Step 5
Join the two side frames with the boards cut to the width of the box. Attach these horizontal supports at each end and in the center.
Step 6
Cut the plywood sheets to size for the four sides and the top of the box. Attach the sheets to the box frame using wood screws.
Step 7
Paint the box to protect it from the snow and ice. Stencil your snowboard box to add style.
Step 8
Cut the thick plastic sheet to the size of the top of the box. After the paint dries, attach the plastic sheet to the top of the box using wood screws. Be sure to inlay the screws.

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