Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brief Biography and CareerGraphy of NFL Player Dalton Truax

Dalton Truax, former NFL player, had a successful career after playing college football. A nephew and four cousins followed in Truax's footsteps by playing college or professional football. Truax may have only played for a few years, but his name will remain in the history of professional football.
Dalton Truax was born January 17, 1935 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He went to college at Tulane University and was drafted to play for the NFL after graduation. During his football career, Truax’s statistics listed him at 6 foot 2 inches and 236 pounds.
College Career
During Truax's years in college, he lettered as a football player in 1954 through 1956 and played as a tackle. "Sports Illustrated" magazine called Dalton Truax a player to watch during the 1955 to 1956 season. The team won 3 games, lost 5 and tied two during that season. Despite this record, Truax played in the senior bowl in 1957 and was later drafted by the NFL.
Professional Career
In 1957, Dalton Truax was third round draft pick for the Green Bay Packers. He played tackle, a position on the offensive line. His size was a factor in his success as a tackle. His rookie year saw the building of a new stadium for the Packers, the first one built exclusively for a football team. The Packers played a 3-9 season that year. Truax played for Green Bay until 1960, at age 25, when he moved to the Oakland Raiders. He played on year with them before leaving the NFL. During the 1960 season, Truax played 14 games and wore the number 72 on his jersey. The team finished third the league with a record of 6-8.
At the time of publication, Truax is 76 years old. He was inducted into the Tulane Athletics Hall of Fame in 1981 for his contributions to the athletic program and the football team during his years at Tulane.

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