Friday, January 13, 2012

Boxing Skills Training for Absolute Beginner

When starting out in boxing, the athlete has to be a sponge. There is much to learn, a lot of work to do. A competitive attitude is a must in order to get the most out of the sport. Many people decide to try boxing because they know it provides a great workout and will help them get in better shape. However, it's also a sport that brings out the warrior instincts in the best fighters. You don't need championship goals in order to step into the ring, but you do have to want to prove yourself every time you compete.
A boxer has to address conditioning right from the start. Boxers condition themselves by running, jumping rope and hitting the speed bag. Running three to five miles helps build endurance, while jumping rope and hitting the speed bag improves quickness and overall reflexes. Most boxers start all of their training sessions with conditioning workouts.
Punching Accuracy
If you are going to get in the ring and compete against another boxer, you have to know how to punch accurately. One of the best ways to do this is with the speed bag, which hangs from a swivel hook and is attached to a rebounding back board. When you hit the speed bag properly, the bag will quickly rebound back to you and then you continue to pepper the bag with quick punches.
The floor-to-ceiling bag also helps to improve punching accuracy. This is a bag that hangs on a rubber band that goes from the floor to the ceiling and allows the bag to rebound in unpredictable ways. When you learn to hit this bag rhythmically, your punching accuracy increases.
Strength Training
If you are getting in the ring to fight, you have to throw hard, heavy punches. You can get stronger by lifting weights and doing circuit training, but going into the weight room is just part of the formula for building strength. You can do this by hitting the heavy bag. This will help build functional strength in the ring. Boxers quickly learn that throwing hard punches is not just about using your arms and shoulders. Instead, you have to use your back, core muscles and glutes when you throw a powerful punch. Hitting the heavy bag will help you hit your opponent harder in the ring.
Running, jumping rope, hitting the speed bag and the heavy bag will help you develop the skills you need to box. But the most important factor in learning the sport is to get in the ring and spar with an opponent who has similar ability and experience as you do. When you are sparring you will wear protective head gear and boxing gloves with extra padding but you will still feel the impact of the punches and so will your opponent.
Understanding Expectations
While you are learning the sport, you need the guidance of a trainer who will guide you through the ins and outs of the sport. Learning how to move in the ring in order to put yourself in a position to throw punches, avoid them and then throw some more comes from getting an understanding of what is happening in the ring. You will gradually learn these things, but it helps quite a bit to have a trainer who can direct you and teach you as the learning process continues.

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