Monday, January 9, 2012

Boxing Sidestep Techniques & Tactics

The boxing sidestep takes advantage of lateral motion to avoid a punch while moving a fighter to a better position. This can force the opponent to spend valuable energy circling around you while you simply pivot in place. Done quickly enough, it can set you up for a solid punch from the side. The late world champion boxing coach Bill Packer stressed the importance of sidestepping, since many fighters are attached to linear movement and are vulnerable to this tactic.
Step 1
Begin in your boxing stance, facing your opponent. Keep your guard up at all times during this movement. If you drop your guard while moving inward, it sets you up for a nasty counterpunch.
Step 2
Step toward and to one side of your opponent, placing the near foot even with your opponent's hip. If sidestepping to your opponent's left side, for example, step with your right foot until it is even with your opponent's left hip.
Step 3
Pivot on your front foot to move your rear foot in an arc, turning your body to face your opponent at ninety degrees from your original position. If you step in with your right foot, pivot counterclockwise. If you step with your left, pivot clockwise.
Step 4
Look for the opportunity to launch a punch past the back of your opponent's guard as you finish this technique.

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