Monday, January 9, 2012

Boxing Gloves Selection for Women

Everlast started out in 1910 making swimsuits, and expanded into boxing equipment within the first few years becoming synonymous with boxing in 1919 when Jack Dempsey wore Everlast gloves during the heavyweight championship game. It now produces men's and women's boxing equipment. The women's Pro Style is a basic glove, while the Protex2 is a more advanced, more expensive women's glove.

The Everlast Pro Style women's gloves are called hook and loop training gloves, which are designed for punching bag training and sparring. According to the Everlast official website, the Pro Style women's gloves promote proper punching because they conform to the shape of your fist. The Protex2 women's gloves feature increased wrist protection for harder hitting. Everlast markets these as "serious gloves for serious athletes."
The Everlast Pro Style women's gloves are available in 8, 12, 14 or 16 oz. The Protex2 gloves are available in 8, 10 or 12 oz. According to, boxing gloves range in weight from 10 to 20 oz. Heavier gloves provide more protection. For this reason, beginners usually wear 14 and 16 oz gloves; professional fighters wear 10 oz gloves. Women's Pro Style gloves are available in both pink and black. The Protex2 women's gloves are only available in pink.
The Protex2 and the Pro Style gloves are made of synthetic leather and have velcro straps. The Pro Style gloves feature a two-layer foam to absorb the shock when you punch. The Protex2 gloves are curved at the top for a more natural and comfortable fit. The wrist area is covered with a dual-panel foam collar for increased wrist support. The knuckle area is protected with C3 foam technology, which allows you to punch safely at full power.
Everlast integrated more of its patented technology into the Protex2 women's gloves. The EverCool ventilation system keeps your hands from getting too hot and the EverDri system wicks moisture away from your hands. The dual-layer wrist protection is exclusive to the Protex2 glove.
Both the Protex2 and the Pro Style women's gloves features the Everlast Thumb-Lok technology which are designed to keep your thumb and knuckle properly positioned and protected in the glove. The Pro Style gloves have the EverFresh antimicrobrial technology, marketed to guard against odor.

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