Monday, January 9, 2012

Boxing Exercises to Practice More

Boxing exercises and techniques that increase speed, rhythm and coordination can lead to success in the ring. There are exercises that help build strength and endurance to withstand long matches. Cross-training exercises provide an overall, full-body training program that works all muscle groups.
Speed Bag
The speed bad can improve quickness and rhythm. Set the speed bag so it hangs at face level and throw hooks. Hit the side of the bag instead of throwing punches straightforward. Alternate the right and left hand. Then, punch the bag from the front for three minutes. Perform a combination of punches that include jabs, crosses, hooks and more jabs while alternating the punches with each arm. A three-minute speed bag round works coordination and improves endurance.
Heavy Bag
Heavy bag exercises increase endurance and strength, along with improving technique. Hit the rear of the bag with the thumb side of the hand. This pulls the bag toward you instead of pushing it away. A second exercise is completing punch-out drills for 30 seconds. Select a combination and hit the bag repeatedly for one round, or about three minutes. Rest for one minute and repeat the drill for four repetitions.
Cross Training
Include cross-training exercises to build strength and endurance. Exercises that work well for boxers include strength training with weights, running or jogging and plyometrics. Create a strength-training workout that exercises all the major muscle groups in the body. Plyometrics are reflexive exercises that improve explosive movements in boxing. Options for plyometric exercises include box jumping, lunge jumps and medicine ball passes.
Write down your boxing goals and create a training plan. Start by determining where your boxing technique requires improvement and spend time focusing on exercises that work these areas. Keep a journal of all boxing workouts to track improvement.

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