Friday, January 13, 2012

Best Football Defensive Techniques

Defensive tackles can be game-changers. Combining size and brute strength with speed and agility is very rare in football, and when defensive tackles possess these attributes, they become very valuable to their teams. Coaches at the professional, college and high school levels typically rotate a core group of tackles throughout the game. Improving your skill set can lead to more playing time.
Improve your conditioning. Train for endurance by going on long runs, and spend plenty of time on the exercise bike. Complement this with training for quick bursts of speed by running short wind sprints. Coaches rotate four to six defensive tackles for two spots, but having endurance and stamina means that you will see more plays.
Upper Body
Increase your upper body strength. Defensive tackles engage in more blocks than anyone on the team. Being able to shed those blocks with swim or rip moves allows you to attack the ball carrier or quarterback.
Core Drills
Stabilize your core and lower body. Being close to the line of scrimmage and the offensive linemen means you can engage in contact and collapse the pocket, if you can establish and maintain leverage.
Football IQ
Learn the playbook inside and out. Coaches play the smartest players and the ones with great football IQs. Knowing your gaps and assignments without flaws will ensure you are at the forefront of the rotation.
Know Your Opponent
Study opposing linemen's techniques. Learn to recognize pulling guards and centers, and how to counteract them. With the help of your coaches, learning how to attack specialty blocks will improve your versatility.
Tackle Properly
Wrap up your tackles. There is nothing that football coaches hate more than missed arm tackles. Make sure you put your helmet on the football and drive the ball carrier backward.
Hard Edge
Develop a short, quick burst once the ball is snapped. Practice this by exploding into a blocking sled and driving it backward with your teammates. Often, a quick burst will catch offensive linemen off guard and get you in the backfield quicker.
Build Muscle
Add additional weight in the form of muscle without sacrificing speed or agility. Large, mobile defensive tackles are rare, so developing these traits will ensure you a chance to play often at the next level.
Team Leader
Take a leadership role. Coaches always are looking for team and defensive captains. Mentor an up-and-coming player, and act as a coach on the field to those who don't understand the game like you.
Always Compete
Compete your hardest all the time. The quickest way to earn a spot in the coaches' doghouse is to take plays off. Always compete at everything you do, whether you are playing the majority of the game or during garbage time. Your effort will differentiate you.

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