Monday, January 9, 2012

Best Boxing Styles

Boxing is a sport that requires its participants to be in top condition every time they enter the ring. The sport requires athleticism, speed, quickness, strength, the ability to elude punches and toughness. In order to have a chance to succeed in the ring, fighters use a variety of styles that allow them to take command in the fight and leave their opponent searching for answers.
The boxer uses all his skills to defeat his opponent. Most notable among those skills are movement, a solid left jab, quick head movements and the ability to block punches. Some of the top fighters in the sport's history who used the boxing style include Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard and Gene Tunney. A boxer can register punishment because of the number of punches he delivers cleanly. He can knock out his opponent, but it's usually because of an accumulation of blows rather than one big punch.
This is the fighter who enters the ring with the intent of knocking out his opponent. He is willing to trade punches with his opponent because he believes that his punch is harder and will cause more damage than his opponent's punch. Defense is not usually a key issue because the slugger is willing to take multiple punches in order to land one. Some of the best sluggers in boxing history include Rocky Marciano, Joe Frazier and Mike Tyson. Some sluggers have problems with boxers who can move rapidly and throw a strong left jab. They may grow frustrated if they don't register an early knockout.
Volume Puncher
A volume puncher has neither the skill of the boxer nor the power of the slugger, but he makes up for it by being busy and outworking his opponent. The volume puncher attempts to impose his will in a fight by constantly moving forward and letting the accumulation of blows send his opponent into a protective shell. The volume puncher only knows how to attack. As a result, he has to have a strong chin because he almost certainly will get hit with a few heavy punches himself. Volume punchers often have the most courage because their pressing style leaves them quite vulnerable to the attack.

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