Monday, January 9, 2012

Best Boxing Games for Women

Women's boxing games are designed to simulate authentic fight situations and prepare you for an upcoming match. Unlike basic sparring or individual boxing workouts, boxing games are one on one matches that help you improve a specific part of your skill set. Boxing games range from footwork games to body punching games. Despite a few different rules, women's boxing games are nearly identical to men's boxing games.
Women Footwork Boxing Game
This boxing game will help you improve your offensive and defensive footwork. Stand in the corner of the ring facing your opponent. At the bell, meet up in the center of the ring. Break the ring down into four corner's, making sure that you and your sparring partner have decided who will be attacking and who will be defending. If you are defending, your goal is to side step and back step into each of the four corners, making sure to stay on the balls of your feet at all times. If you are on offense, your goal is to corner your opponent by cutting off the ring with long and deliberate steps. If you get an opening, shoot a crisp jab out at your opponent. If it is blocked or misses its target you must do ten push-ups before continuing the game.
Women Attack Boxing Game
This boxing game is designed to improve your endurance as well as the strength of your jab. Grab a sparring partner and meet in the center of the ring. Tie a piece of string around your dominant hand, rendering it useless. Do this for your partner as well. With only your jab left, follow each other in the ring, looking for openings and staying in a proper stance. To increase the intensity of this drill, cut off one half of the ring, forcing you and your opponent to face each other in close quarters. World-Class trainer Tom Moraetes recommends performing a short cardio warm up and 10 minutes of stretching exercises prior to any intense sparring activity.
Women Speed Game
This speed game will help improve your offensive quickness as well as your defensive reaction speeds. Stand in the corner of the ring with your opponent facing you from the opposite corner. At the bell, get into an attack stance and starting moving towards your opponent, bobbing and weaving the entire time. With each bob and weave, bend down and throw a short uppercut into the air. Rotate between your left and right hand each time. Once you meet your opponent in the center of the ring, start to circle each other, side shuffling as quickly as you can. After five rotations, spar for one minute before repeating the game.

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