Monday, January 16, 2012

Benefits of Rope Swing for Developing Golf Skills

Many golfers produce poor quality shots because they try to force or muscle the club to the ball instead of allowing the natural momentum of the swing to take over. Using a rope as a swing aid will help you to discover the proper feel for your swing to eliminate any hitches, and to create a lag at the top. Creating lag gives your club a whipping action and helps get your hands slightly in front of the ball and your shaft, so you can hit down on the ball and increase distance.
Step 1
Find a length of thick rope that is roughly double the length of your driver.
Step 2
Fold the rope in half to increase the weight and give it a little more substance. Alternately, cut the rope in half and tape the two pieces together on one end.
Step 3
Hold the rope on the folded or taped end with your regular golf grip, and then get into your normal driver stance and swing the rope slowly back and forth in front of you.
Step 4
Move the rope back into your backswing so it wraps around your body and over your front shoulder. The end will tap your ribs or midsection.
Step 5
Swing the rope back around as if you are swinging your driver. Move into your downswing as soon as you feel the end touch your body in the backswing, but no sooner. If you disrupt the flow and move too soon, the rope will whip against your midsection.
Step 6
Swing the rope through your downswing and follow through completely, as you would with your driver. Repeat the exercise several times until the swing feels smooth and balanced.

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