Saturday, January 7, 2012

Benefits of Joining Youth Boxing Classes

Youth boxing classes can be a positive way for your child to develop social skills as well as get them involved in physical activities. Children do not need to have any pre-existing skills because the class will teach them all the skills they will need.
Benefits of Youth Boxing Classes
A reputable youth boxing class can help your child focus better and develop confidence. Boxing can help improve your child's flexibility and coordination while she learns to defend herself. Youth boxing classes combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise, as well as strength-training to give your child a workout that can help them get fit.
Things To Bring To Class
All you need for a youth boxing classes is workout clothing and sneakers, boxing gloves and a hand wrap, and in some instances a boil-to-form single mouth piece.
Class Design
Typically the class is designed with a warm-up. Lasting 10 to 15 minutes, this usually consist of jumping jacks, push-ups, and crunches. Shadowing boxing often follows, which entails throwing punches and defending yourself against an imaginary opponent. The heavy bag or double end bag can be used to throw punches against resistance. A speed bag or jump rope are used to further develop speed and agility.
Drill Work
As the youth boxing class is conducted, individuals will be pulled aside to participate in drills with a coach. The coach might use focus mitts or pads that fasten to the hands that a youth may throw multiple punches on. Other pads can be used as well, including a body protector that covers a coach's stomach and sides or a punch shield, which is basically a larger focus mitt that a coach holds by two straps sewn to the sides.
Boxing classes will include sparring sessions. The instructor will allow those who show the ability to throw punches while properly defending themselves to have a practice match against a peer who is close to their age and weight. Sparring will give the youth an opportunity to use the offensive and defensive tactics they have learned during drill work sessions. While sparring, the coach will provide tips on how the boxer can better handle themselves. This will further develop your child's ability to concentrate and follow directions.

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