Monday, January 9, 2012

Benefits of Boxing Speed Bags

Speed bags are made of vinyl or leather, have an inflatable inner bladder and use a speed swivel to mount the bag to a round base. This teardrop-shaped bag helps to develop hand speed and hand-eye coordination and aids in the conditioning of the arm, shoulders and upper back. Successful use of a speed bag requires the user to master skills related to timing, rhythm and accuracy.
The speed bag is a crucial tool in helping to develop the skill sets required to be a successful boxer. Certain aspects of the usage of a speed bag are particularly important. To use a speed bag correctly, you need to use a correct boxing stance, an upright posture with the hands raised up to the cheekbone level and the elbows close to the body. Maintaining this posture will lead to better offensive and defensive positioning.
There are three different size ranges for speed bags. A large speed bag helps to build a boxer's strength and power and is easy to hit because it rebounds slower than the other sizes . The middle-sized speed bag is the most common type found in gyms and requires average speed and agility. The small bag moves very fast and requires the user to possess excellent hand speed and accuracy.
Punching a speed bag uses all of your basic punches: the right and left front straight punch as well as right- and left-handed circular punches that mimic throwing a hook. These punches can be thrown from many different angles including inward, outward and downward. As your speed-bag training advances, you can use upper cuts and elbow strikes to add variety to your workout, further train your reflexes and improve your hand-eye coordination.
Adjust the bag so the fattest part of the bag is level with your mouth. Stand with the shoulders square, hands raised up to the same level as your cheeks and elbows tucked in. The bag should be in the middle of your body. Hit the bag with the front of the left hand, allow the bag to contact the base an odd amount of times and hit it with the front of the right hand. Avoid dropping the hands by making sure to return the hands to the face in a circular fashion.
While performing a speed-bag workout, you will receive real-time feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, so be aware of difficulties or ask a gym mate or coach to help you identify potential issues. Most important, use the bag to advance all aspects of your training. Concentrate on using crisp footwork in conjunction with fast, accurate punches and emphasize the use of defensive tactics to escape the path of the bag.

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