Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beginner Level Boxing Exercises

To prepare yourself for a boxing match, you have to get yourself in the best shape possible. You are getting into the ring with an opponent whose primary goal is to hurt you and cause you pain. To defeat an opponent with those type of intentions, you must work on your quickness, punching power and your ability to evade a punch.
Road Work
Boxers run to build endurance prior to scheduled fights. Most fighters run three to five miles four times per week when they are preparing for a bout. Most trainers prepare their fighters for about six weeks. The fighters get their road work in during the first five weeks of training. They will off in the last week to preserve strength for the day of the fight.
Rope Jumping
Fighters have been jumping rope for decades in an effort to build quickness, speed and endurance. Jumping rope well takes outstanding coordination. When you can jump rope, you improve your ability to make quick movements and avoid getting hit with punches. Jumping rope also helps you maintain strength later in the fight. Jump rope for five minutes, take a one-minute break and jump for five more minutes.
Speed Bag and Heavy Bag
The speed bag helps fighters develop their left jab and the ability to throw quick combinations of punches. The left jab is probably the most important punch in boxing. It keeps your opponent off balance and sets up other punches. The speed bag helps you develop a punching rhythm that will help you throw several jabs in succession and also throw punches in combinations. The heavy bag helps a fighter throw effective power punches. The heavy bag weighs between 60 and 90 lbs., and to hit it effectively, you must use all your strength and power. That means using your entire body when throwing the punch and not just your shoulders, forearms and fists.
No matter how much training you do prior to a fight, the only true way to know where you stand is to get in the ring and spar with an opponent. You will wear oversized gloves and protective head gear, but your opponent is still trying to throw hard punches and you could get hurt. If you can get in the ring and function well when you know your opponent is trying to hurt you, you have a chance to become a decent fighter.

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