Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beginner and Advanced Hiking in Leadville Colorado

Leadville, in central Colorado, is known for its mountains and lakes, and is an ideal spot for hikers of all experience levels. The weather changes rapidly throughout the year -- Leadville offers temperate to warm weather in summer and frigid, snowy weather in winter. Check the weather before hiking in the area, because rapid temperature changes are common.
Beginner Hiking
Leadville's beginner hiking trails are perfect for children, families and people new to hiking. These trails are generally flat and require no extra hiking equipment. Check out Wurt's Ditch Road, a hiking trail off Highway 24. This trail is known for its lush greenery and excellent views. Lilly Lake, also off Highway 24, is the perfect stop for mixed groups of hikers because it offers both beginner and advanced trails. Leadville's Historic District is nationally known for its history and beauty, and features about 70 blocks of walking area. This site begins at East 12th Street.
Intermediate Hiking
Intermediate hiking trails are excellent for beginners in good physical condition or experienced hikers who want a moderately challenging hike. Jenny June Loop features a mix of flat and steep terrain and is off Highway 24. The Continental Divide Trail, near Tennessee Pass, features a view of nearby mountains and a mix of terrains.
Advanced Hiking
Leadville's many mountains and lakes provide the ideal challenge for seasoned hikers. Tenth Mountain Huts is in the same spot as Wurt's Ditch Road. Hope Pass, off Highway 82, provides a stunning view of Twin Lakes. Lightning storms are common in the afternoon, according to the website Leadville Twin Lakes, so start your hike early. For expert hikers, ascending Mount Elbert is an ideal challenge. As with Hope Pass, lightning storms are common, so head back if you see lightning or hear thunder.
Terrain Considerations
Leadville's high altitude means people in poor health or with breathing problems should avoid hiking. The snowy season comes early in Colorado, and temperatures drop rapidly as hikers ascend mountains, so dress accordingly. Many beginner trails become much more challenging during winter because they are covered with snow.

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