Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baseball Batting Tips for Little League Level

When youngsters first take up the game at the Little League level, the thrill of hitting a pitched ball can be enough to start a player on a lifelong love affair with the game. Hitting the baseball takes strength, hand-eye coordination and quick hands.
A Little League baseball player needs to be balanced as he takes his stance in the batter's box. He should be close enough to the plate that his bat will reach the outside edge of home plate. He should bend his knees so he will be able to shift his weight easily from his back side to his front side. He should stand with his bat over his rear shoulder and he should be ready to bring it forward. His feet should be shoulder-width apart.
The batter's eyes should be concentrating on the ball. As soon as she takes her stance, she needs to look at the baseball in the pitcher's hand and follow the ball all the way as it comes toward home plate. She should be looking at the ball as she swings and try to see the ball as it hits the bat. Looking at the ball for as long as possible gives the hitter the best chance of making contact.
The Swing
The hitter should take a small step forward as the pitcher releases the ball. If he is right-handed, he is stepping with his left foot and keeping his right foot in place. If he is left-handed, his right foot steps forward and the left foot stays stead. The hitter should pull the head of the bat through the hitting zone with strength and focus. He should try to make contact with the ball when it is about 6 to 8 inches in front of home plate and the swing should be level and flat.
Follow Through
The batter must follow-through with her swing after contact is made. The hope is to hit the ball hard and to drive the baseball for power and distance. If the hitter stops her swing after contact -- as many youth league players do -- the ball will not go far. The follow-through should see the batter make a level swing and an arc with her bat. If she is right-handed, her bat should end up pointing at the third base dugout. If she is left-handed, her bat should be pointing at the first base dugout.

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