Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anxiety Relieving Boxing Workouts

When you're angry, stressed or frustrated, nervous energy and adrenaline builds up in the body, which can lead to trembling, jitters and an overall urge to vent through verbal or physical methods. Adrenaline increases the amount of blood flowing from the heart to muscles throughout the body and to organs such as the brain. Get rid of that nervous energy with boxing-style movements.
Punch And Jab
What better way to get rid of some anxiety than punching and jabbing a weight bag. You can picture the punching or weight bag to be your boss or someone else who's demanding too much from you. Visualize an image of what's causing you anxiety and hit it. Punching something can help reduce anxiety and stress as it gives a physical outlet for the restless and pent up energy stored in the body. When punching and jabbing, wear protective gloves so you don't injure your fingers or wrists.
Stress and anxiety causes some to feel weak or unable to deal with challenges or disagreements. Boxing moves and exercise styles encourage you to focus on your body and how it moves. This type of control leads to greater mental discipline and focus. Controlling how your body acts can help you gain insight on controlling your emotions and your reaction to stress and anxiety, whether you're preparing to speak in front of an audience or you're disagreeing with your boss.
Basic Boxing Moves
Basic boxing moves that include jabs, uppercuts, jabs and feints get your body moving and concentrating on the physical rather than worries and concerns. Boxing requires focus on the connecting between your brain and your muscles in order to execute moves properly. Timing is everything in boxing. A boxing routine that incorporates the basic moves in boxing into a workout that takes even 10 minutes can push your focus away from your worries and increase the release of endorphins, the body's natural "feel good" hormones.
Sparring or practicing your boxing moves with a partner can help release pent-up frustration and stress, according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association. The satisfaction of releasing pent-up anger, resentment and frustration on a protected and padded partner or stationary object while boxing increases your sense of control, power and calm that may be inhibited or restricted outside of the boxing ring or gym practice area. You control your moves, and your own mind-body connection pathways while practicing boxing moves, which offers greater control over your emotions and your reaction to them.

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