Thursday, January 12, 2012

About Typical Boxing Ring

The typical boxing ring is 16 by 16 square feet at a minimum and 20 by 20 at a maximum. This is the actual space between the ropes, which the boxers have access to during the fight. There's also an additional space on the outside of the ropes that must be at least two feet.
Safety and Protection of the Fighters
The most obvious reason boxing rings have ropes is to make sure fighters stay inside the ring. When a boxer receives a particularly hard punch, he might stumble backward and into the ropes. If the ropes weren't there, he would fall from the ring, risking injury. Ropes became commonplace on boxing rings when the London Prize Ring rules were established in 1838. Before that, the scoring system and rules were chaotic and there was no official surface on which the fights occurred. The 1838 rules established a square ring surrounded by ropes.
Fighting Advantages
Having ropes around the ring actually can help the fighters against their opponents. If one fighter manages to push the other against the ropes, he will have an advantage. The fighter pinned against the ropes won't have enough room to throw effective punches. The other fighter will be able to land more body shots and has more of a chance to score a strong punch or a knockout since he has the advantage of position.
Rope Set-Up
The USA Boxing Association has a set of rules regarding ropes in boxing rings. While three ropes are sometimes acceptable in amateur rings, professional rings must have four ropes. Ropes must be a minimum of 1 inch in diameter and be made of synthetic materials, plastic or manila. Ropes must be covered with soft material so they can stop the fighters from falling off the ring without causing skin burns or cuts.
Besides protecting the players, the ropes also protect the people watching the match. Boxing rings can be up to 4 feet high and spectators sit just a couple of feet away from the ring -- close enough to be injured by a falling body.

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