Wednesday, January 18, 2012

About High School Ice Hockey Team

Making the high school ice hockey team is an important goal for young hockey players. Playing at the high school level provides an opportunity to improve skills and set the ground work for those wanting to pursue a professional career in ice hockey. On a high school team, you can also showcase your abilities for college recruiters who routinely attend games seeking potential players.
Watch and Learn
Attend games of the high school ice hockey team you want to join. Ask the coach for permission to watch practices. Observing players on the team helps you determine what skill level is necessary to become one of them. It will also provide a good idea of the team dynamic. Note who the strongest players are and pay attention to their qualities and interactions with other players.
Get the Right Training
Before trying out for your high school team, enroll in an ice hockey training program for your age group. Such a program can offer the specialized training needed to improve your skills. If there is no training program in your area, seek out a varsity player to mentor you. An experienced player can give you tips on ways to improve your performance and increase your chances of making the team.
Ask the Coach
No one knows what it takes to make the high school ice hockey team better than the coach. Many coaches are more than willing to provide tips and pointers to improve your chances of making the team. Ask the coach what he is looking for in a player. Run through a quick drill and ask for feedback on your performance. This can help identify your strengths and weaknesses so you know what to work on before tryouts.
Practice Practice Practice
Practicing your skills is one of the best ways to improve your chances of getting on your school's team. Ice hockey requires balance, speed, skating ability, hand-eye coordination and strong wrist action. Practice with a highly skilled opponent to challenge and motivate yourself. Adequate practice helps condition your body and improve your speed and motor skills, according to Bob Swope, author of "Youth Ice Hockey Drills."

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