Monday, January 16, 2012

7 Tips for Good Golf Tempo

Golf is often a game filled with a good deal of frustration, and perhaps one of the most frustrating elements is when you have to wait for the group in front of you on every hole. A player’s performance can suffer and the flow of the game is disrupted when people play their round too slowly. Observing some general fast play tips will allow you to get through the course quicker and keep everyone happy.
Step 1
Take your shot when it is your turn, saving the socializing for between shots or when the hole is over. Keep your cell phone in your bag, and turn the volume down or off.
Step 2
Reduce the number of practice swings you take before you take your shot. Try to limit yourself to just one full practice swing.
Step 3
Refrain from speaking when someone else is lining up and taking his shot. Talking can lead to distraction, which leads to poor shots and a longer round for everyone.
Step 4
Take more than one club with you if your ball is somewhere you can’t bring the bag or cart. Bring the club you think it is, plus one club higher in case you’ve judged it wrong.
Step 5
Position your bag or cart on the edge of the green that’s closest to the next hole while you’re putting to minimize the time it takes to get there.
Step 6
Read your putts for 20 seconds or less on the green, and from no more than two different angles.
Step 7
Reduce the amount of time you spend looking for a lost ball if the course is busy that day. Throw a ball down and take a penalty to maintain the flow of the round if you can't locate the ball within a few minutes.

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