Monday, January 16, 2012

7 Tips About Good Golf Takeways

The golf swing is one of the most complex motions in all of sports, and golfers of all abilities spend countless hours practicing and refining their swings with hopes of producing longer, straighter golf shots. Several fundamentals are important for golfers to have a sound, repeatable good takeaway. The setup needs to be flawless, ball position must be correct and the tempo must be smooth in order to get the club started on plane.
Step 1
Address the ball with proper fundamentals. The feet should be aligned parallel left of the target line, and the ball position should be centered in the middle of your stance. Anything else requires compensation, which can adversely affect the takeaway.
Step 2
Maintain proper grip throughout the takeaway. For a right-handed golfer, the club should be held in your fingertips (never in your palms) with the Vs formed by the thumb and forefinger on both hands pointing directly to your right armpit.
Step 3
Release any tension in your body, especially your hands and arms, by taking one or two deep breaths before you swing. Tension is killer in the golf swing because it impacts tempo and precision, especially on the takeaway.
Step 4
Start the swing by rotating your shoulders away from the target. The arms will be next to move, followed by the hands. The clubface is the last element of the swing to move on the takeaway.
Step 5
Coil your hips and core, and begin to shift your weight to the right side.
Step 6
Straighten your left arm and extend it out back down your target line. Make sure your right elbow stays attached to your body.
Step 7
Hinge your wrists directly up -- never from side to side -- and begin to pull the club back to the top. When your takeaway is completed, the club should be parallel to your feet line with the toe of the club facing the sky.

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