Wednesday, January 18, 2012

7 Techniques to Hit Straight a Tennis Ball

You must execute a few important components of your stroke properly if you want to hit straight in tennis. The angle of your racket face at contact, where you make contact with the ball and what happens after contact are key factors. After you spend a few hours on court practicing the proper technique, you should be able to hit straight.
Step 1
Place a target cone 3 feet inside in each back corner of the tennis court. Set up a ball machine in the middle of the baseline and adjust it to shoot a moderate-speed ball with no spin. Do not turn the machine on.
Step 2
Practice your forehand ground stroke on the other side of the court. Draw an imaginary straight line from the left cone to where you plan to contact with the ball. Position your body so that the contact point is off to the right side of your body.
Step 3
Shadow stroke your forehand without hitting a ball and without the racket in your hand. For the basic forehand, your left shoulder points toward your target as you prepare to hit the ball. Stop your hand a few times at the contact point. Check to see if your palm faces the cone. Push your palm toward the cone by following the imaginary line.
Step 4
Grab your racket and shadow stroke your forehand. Stop the racket head at the point of contact. Check to see that your palm and the hitting surface of the racket are facing the target. Smooth out your stroke and take a few more practice swings. Concentrate on the hitting surface by following the imaginary line as long as possible. Finish your swings on the left side of your body.
Step 5
Start ball machine. Practice hitting the ball square with the strings of your racket. Envision an arrow going straight through the strings to your target. Don't stop your swing at contact. Concentrate on hitting through the middle of the ball and follow the imaginary line as long as possible before you finish your swing.
Step 6
Repeat the process for your backhand stroke after you turn the ball machine off. Draw an imaginary line from the right target cone to your contact point. Shadow stroke your backhand several times.
Step 7
Practice hitting balls toward the right cone with your backhand stroke after you have turned the machine on. Concentrate on hitting the ball squarely in the middle with the strings of your racket and following the imaginary line to the cone as long as possible.

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