Wednesday, January 4, 2012

6 Things to Know Before Selecting a Kickboxing Class

Getting started in a martial arts school can be a challenge. After all, the people you'll be asking for advice are often the same people who are trying to sell you lessons. Although few martial arts teachers would deliberately lie to you about their programs, this can make it hard to get an unbiased opinion. Luckily, you can find a good kickboxing class in much the same as finding any other kind of good or service: You go shopping.
Step 1
Think about why you want to start kickboxing. Albuquerque, New Mexico-based kickboxing coach Bill Paker says there are different kinds of kickboxing classes. If you want a good workout, fitness kickboxing is most appropriate. For self-defense, pursue kickboxing combatives. If you want to compete, look for a professional gym.
Step 2
Locate available kickboxing classes in your area. In addition to traditional resources, check local activity guides, health clubs, boxing gyms and traditional karate schools. According to martial arts teacher Dave Coffman, many of these will offer one or more kinds of kickboxing classes, even if they don't advertise them as such.
Step 3
Call each program on your list, and ask if it offers the kind of kickboxing you want. Also check price, class schedule and distance from your house. Eliminate candidates that clash with your needs.
Step 4
Visit each class remaining on your list. Take a look around, observe a class, and talk to the teacher and some students. File your impressions for later comparison. According to Coffman, when it comes to martial arts instruction, the most important factor is finding a training environment where you feel comfortable.
Step 5
Attend an introductory course at two or three of the classes you visited, based on your impressions. If a gym doesn't offer an introductory course but requires you to sign a year-long contract, scratch that gym from your list of candidates.
Step 6
Choose a program you'll stick with after attending the series of introductory classes. This is the best way for you to understand how training works at that gym.

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