Thursday, January 19, 2012

6 Basics to Know About T Ball

As a T-ball coach, you're charged with introducing the game of baseball to young children who are eager to have fun and imitate their television heroes. Providing enthusiastic leadership can help positively shape their experience. Take time during each practice session to teach the rules of the game, conduct fun drills that reinforce fundamentals such as catching, throwing, fielding and hitting, and educate the players about sportsmanship and effort.
Step 1
Teach players the basic rules of the game, including the defensive positions and the proper way to run the bases. Teach them about balls and strikes, even though you won't keep track during games.
Step 2
Demonstrate how to catch the ball properly, then have the kids practice. Use a soft baseball or a tennis ball until they gain confidence. Toss the ball underhand from a short distance at first and gradually back up, eventually throwing the ball overhand when you think they're ready.
Step 3
Instruct players on the correct throwing motion and have them practice with a partner. Tell them to throw from one knee at first so they can focus on the proper arm movements, then have them stand and make the full motion.
Step 4
Prepare your players to field fly balls and ground balls. Demonstrate the proper technique, then have them practice by tossing and rolling balls to them from a short distance. Gradually increase the distance, the height of the fly balls and the speed of the ground balls. Don't hit balls to them until they're proficient at fielding when you roll it to them.
Step 5
Show the players how to hold and swing a bat. Have them swing without hitting a ball at first, then have them practice hitting balls off a tee, just like they will during games. Let them hit a larger ball, such as a small beach ball or softball, if they have trouble making contact with a baseball.
Step 6
Practice game-like situations with the players. Put a player at each defensive position and have extra players act as base runners, then hit fly balls and ground balls randomly from home plate. Observe how they react and gently correct any mistakes they make.

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