Thursday, January 19, 2012

5 Ways to Slide to Avoid Baseball Tagging

Baseball players slide to avoid being tagged out by the defense and therefore advance safely to the next base. Slides are normally reserved for use on close plays. The sit down slide, also known as the figure-4 slide, is the most common slide used and the most important slide to learn, according to
Step 1
Run full speed toward the base as you prepare to slide. Baseball notes that slides must be performed at full speed, because slowing down increases the chance of an injury.
Step 2
Bend into a squat when you are about five to 10 feet away from the base; think of it as simply sitting down while running full speed. With practice, you will be able to judge how far out you should begin your slide. This usually depends on your speed, size and age.
Step 3
Bend one leg behind the other to make a figure-4 shape with your legs. The leg that is bent is a personal preference. Your front leg should stay straight; this will be the leg and foot that hits the base.
Step 4
Hit the ground and slide on only on your rear end and your bent leg. To prevent injury, you should never slide on the side of your leg.
Step 5
Keep your hands high near your head and off the ground. According to, keeping your head up to watch the base and making sure your hands are off the ground also helps to prevent injuries.

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