Monday, January 9, 2012

5 Things to Know in Constructing a Sowboarding Box Rail

Constructing a snowboarding box rail, often know as a fun box, is very simple, requiring basic hardware materials with the exception of Lexan, a durable sliding material popularly used for winter-sport features in terrain parks. Once a suitable sliding sheet is acquired, building the box is inexpensive and easy, and you'll have a reliable box for several years of practicing tricks.
Step 1
At a right angle, mount one sheet of plywood on another using framing angles at each end of the planks.
Mobe Packaging Wholesale Packaging Products Boxes, bubble, tape, stretch film Step 2
Repeat until one long rectangular box is formed.
Step 3
Mount two framing angles for each corner on all sides of the box with wood screws.
Step 4
Attach Lexan or polycarbonate top sheet with wood screws at all corners and along sides.
Step 5
Make sure all screws on the top sheet are flush or sunk below the surface of the sheet.
Tips and Warnings
This is for an 8-feet-long-by-2-feet-high funbox. They can be longer or shorter if you prefer. According to the Snowboard City website, keeping size down and structural integrety up is worthwhile for mobilization and longevity. See Resources for vendors of Lexan sheets, or try a snowboarding shop. Lexan is a soft solid, durable polycarbonate material that maintains its properties in harsh conditions and can withstand heavy use. The wood can be treated with a weather sealant to better withstand winter conditions.
Build a proper transition to safely gain access to the top sheet, especially when learning to slide on the box. Lexan has a small amount of friction, and its sliding properties can be gauged over time. Other plastics are very slick when wet or icy and are less safe for use on funboxes. Wear helmets and wrist protection while attempting any stunts or tricks on funboxes.

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