Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5 Things to Know bout Straight Box Hitting on Snowboard

Slope style snowboarders utilize myriad obstacles, including welded handrails, inclined kick ramps and fiberglass boxes. The snowboarding box comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. While more advanced boxes feature a slanted C-shape, beginner boxes often have a straight design. The straight box allows you to balance on a level platform when performing slide variations. When hitting a straight box for the first time, ABC-of-Snowboarding recommends starting with an elementary maneuver known as the 50-50. The underside of the freestyle snowboard is coated in polyethylene to ensure a smooth slide.
Step 1
Wear a snowboarding helmet to keep your head protected from the sharp edges of the straight box. Ride forward with your non-dominant foot in the lead position. Bend your knees slightly to balance your riding stance.
Step 2
Approach the straight box with a moderate amount of speed to avoid painful slide outs. Keep the toe-edge of your snowboard parallel to the obstacle. Transfer your body weight onto your dominant foot as you near the front end of the straight box.
Step 3
Extend your legs to leap vertically towards the straight box. Elevate your feet to prevent the edges of your snowboard from making contact with the obstacle. Align the underside of your snowboard above the straight box in a parallel position.
Step 4
Bend your knees as the snowboard descends into the 50-50 slide. Lean forward slightly to keep your body weight evenly distributed between the front and rear binding. Extend your arms for balance as you glide across the box.
Step 5
Lift the nose of the snowboard as you reach the end of the straight box. Perform a quick jump to clear the obstacle. Bend your knees as your snowboard touches down onto the riding terrain.

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