Monday, January 9, 2012

5 Things to Know About Your Boxing Fight

Boxing is a challenging and dangerous sport that requires you to get into the ring in top condition as you square off against an opponent who is trying to hurt you with punches. This obviously requires great courage and confidence. To have those characteristics, you must train extensively before you get in the ring to do battle. That training includes conditioning work, skill building and sparring against a live opponent.
Step 1
Establish your left jab at the start of the fight. For a right-handed fighter, the left jab is usually the most important part of the boxer's repertoire. The left jab is a quick yet powerful punch that will prevent your opponent from getting comfortable in the fight. It will also allow you to set up your other punches. Throw the left jab with a snapping motion to deliver it with speed and agility.
Step 2
Circle your opponent as the fight proceeds. Right-handed fighters will circle to the left and left-handed fighters will circle to the right. You are circling your opponent to search for opening and opportunities to deliver punches. You are also circling to keep him having a stationary target to throw punches at.
Step 3
Throw punches in combinations in order to control the fight and hurt your opponent. Power punches will put the fight in your favor. Throw your left jab and then follow it with a right cross, a left hook or right uppercut. Many fighters like to throw double jabs and then the right cross to hurt their opponent.
Step 4
Throw punches from many angles. When you throw left jabs and then a right cross, both of those punches are coming at the same level. However, if you can throw a left jab and follow it with a right uppercut, it may take your opponent an extra fraction of a second to see the uppercut as its delivered and figure out a defensive plan for that punch. By then it may be too late to stop the punch. "Changing your angle as you throw punches is very important," said boxing trainer Freddie Roach in a Jan. 2010 interview on HBO. "It will give you an opening to hurt your opponent."
Step 5
Defend yourself at all times. Use your right hand and arm to block and knock away punches your opponent throws with his left fist. Use your left hand and arm to block his right-handed punches. Proper defensive maneuvers will also help you get in a position to throw heavy punches of your own.

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