Wednesday, January 4, 2012

5 Things to Know About Kickboxing in Corona

Kickboxing is a cardio and strength hybrid workout that combines traditional boxing techniques with martial arts kicking. It works the entire body, increases stamina and burns up to 850 calories per hour. Kickboxing classes are taught at several Corona martial arts studios and gyms. It is appropriate for people of all fitness levels, but check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program.
If you live in the Corona, California, area and are interested in fitness, self-defense and/or having fun while doing something great for your body, consider kickboxing. The cardio-interval nature of a kickboxing workout, combined with the quick development of lean muscle to speed up metabolism, results in a higher rate of calorie burn than any other workout. Increasing fitness and losing weight through kickboxing will give you increased energy and a healthier body. Studies show that endorphins released during vigorous exercise result in a sense of overall well-being and can relieve clinical depression and anxiety.
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Martial Arts
Because of its basis in karate, kung-fu and tae kwon do, kickboxing is taught in many Corona martial arts studios. Although it is considered a fitness workout rather than a traditional martial arts discipline, studios such as Kicks, Martial Arts International and All American Karate School will teach you proper form and ensure you get the self-defense component from the moves you learn. These studios do not require you to wear special clothing for kickboxing--regular workout gear is appropriate.
Fitness Clubs
Several fitness clubs in Corona offer kickboxing classes, touting its reputation as one of the best strength- and endurance-building workouts available. Xtreme Fitness & Sports Nutrition specializes in kickboxing, as does ATC Kickboxing, which is part of the nationwide I Love Kickboxing program. A few Corona gyms with a wider variety of fitness programming offer kickboxing as well, such as Lady of America, Liberty Fitness Center, 24 Hour Fitness and Bally Total Fitness.
Personal Training
Though most people learn kickboxing in a group setting, if you have the money to spend on a private trainer, there are people in Corona qualified to teach you kickboxing one-on-one. Though the cost is much higher than a group class, the advantages include greater scheduling flexibility, quicker mastery of form and the ability for the trainer to custom tailor your workout to your personal fitness goals and specifications. Personal kickboxing training is available at Xtreme Fitness, or call the martial arts studios in Corona to inquire about one-on-one training.
Before deciding on a kickboxing class, consider a few variables. If you want to focus on form and technique, as well as learning the self-defense aspect of kickboxing, consider taking classes from a martial arts studio. If you are more interested in the straight fitness benefits, a gym might be the appropriate choice. Fitness centers that do not specialize in kickboxing will require a monthly fee for access to the entire gym--a benefit or a detriment, depending on what you are looking for, but at a higher overall financial cost.

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