Thursday, January 12, 2012

5 Things to Know About 5 Lbs One Month Plan

Setting a 10-pound weight loss is a challenging goal to attain in a month. However, you can reach your weight-loss goal by staying dedicated to your workout plan. To lose 1 pound you must burn 3,500 calories. Creating a caloric deficit of approximately 1,200 calories a day can help you reach your goals in your time frame. Consistently training with cardio routines and increasing your lean muscle are crucial keys to see the pounds melt off.
Step 1
Train consistently. The key to reaching your weight-loss goal in a month is to exercise daily. The American College of Sports Medicine suggests cardio training for 60 minutes or more when trying to alter your body composition.
Step 2
Use intervals to boost your calorie burn. Interval training burns more calories and fat than traditional aerobic exercise because it uses both the aerobic and the anaerobic energy systems. Interval training requires short bursts of high intensity followed by a moderate intensity. For example, sprint for 30 seconds followed by a moderate pace for 1 minute.
Step 3
Choose cardio activities that burn a high amount of calories. Total-body exercises are a crucial part of weight loss because the more muscles you use, the more calories you burn. According to the Mayo Clinic, a 160-pound person can burn over 500 calories during activities like swimming, running and stair climbing.
Step 4
Build strength with weight training. The more muscle you have, the more efficiently you can burn calories during exercise and at rest. Circuit train to keep your heart rate up while building lean muscles. Circuit training uses six to 10 different exercises, completing one after another without rest. For example, complete 1 minute of squats, push-ups, planks, lunges, jump squats and bicep curls. Rest for 2 minutes and then complete two more circuits.
Step 5
Stretch it out. Stretching before and after exercise is a crucial way to help you prevent over-use injuries. Working out daily can take a toll on your body when trying to lose weight. Stretch dynamically before your workout with stretches like leg swings and runners lunges. Complete static stretches after your workout like hamstring stretches and standing quadricep stretches.

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