Saturday, January 7, 2012

4 Things to Look For in a Boxing Headgear

A headgear is the cushioned helmet, worn by a boxer during training or competition, that prevents him from sustaining facial breaks or lacerations. It is also used to reduce the amount of head trauma sustained by a fighter over time. The styles of headgear are numerous and each kind is particularly beneficial to a boxer in some way. The most protective headgear, therefore, is one which best corresponds to each fighter's individual style and need.
Open Face
The open-face headgear has padding that covers the sides and brow of a boxer's head, but leaves the majority of his face exposed. The inner lining is also more thinly cushioned, providing less impact-protection than other styles. However, the unimpeded front enables a boxer to see oncoming punches more clearly and the sleek construction allows him to employ quicker head movement when avoiding attack. This is the type commonly worn by amateur fighters during competition and is better suited for the reflexive boxer who focuses on dodging punches with speed and precision.
Cheek Guard
This kind of headgear extends in front, to cover the jaws and cheekbones of a boxer's face. It offers added protection to the boxer who prefers to stand near his opponent and fight. Without this protection, a boxer who sustains such "close-quarter" action would suffer excessive bruising in the gym. However, the cheek guards do inhibit vision to some degree, limiting a fighter's ability to see and reflexively avoid approaching attacks.
Closed Face
The closed face headgear has a rigid bar that bridges the nose, stretching from one cheekbone to the other. It prevents the boxer's face from meeting a punch "full-contact" and is most beneficial to a fighter whose nose breaks or bleeds easily. However, sight is also reduced while wearing this type of headgear and the closed construction can make breathing a bother when the boxer needs air most.
Enclosed Chin
The enclosed chin headgear has an added strip of cushion that wraps the point of a boxer's lower jaw. This kind of headgear guards the fighter from taking the full brunt of an uppercut, known as the knockout punch in boxing. An properly delivered uppercut initiates a vibratory response that travels directly into the brain. This vibration disorganizes mental function in a way that induces unconsciousness in the receiver. Novice boxers, or those who merely train for fitness, can greatly benefit from such added protection. However, more experienced fighters typically "shy away" from the "stuffy" feel of the enclosed configuration.

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