Saturday, January 14, 2012

4 Things to Know About Trek Bicycles

Trek is the brand name of bicycles made by Trek Bicycle Corporation, a global manufacturer of road and mountain bikes, headquartered in Wisconsin. Featuring adjustable handlebars, Trek bicycles allow you to modify the angle of the handlebars to fit your physical needs, as well as your cycling style. You can loosen the handlebars on Trek bicycles with an adjustable wrench or a socket set. Alternatively, you may take your bike to a repair shop for a quick adjustment if you lack the proper tools.
Locate the handlebar clamp bolt on the stem at the midpoint of your handlebars. The stem connects the handlebars to your bicycle. Using an adjustable or socket wrench, loosen the clamp bolt that connects the handlebar stem to the bike. Loosen it just enough so that the handlebar unit can rotate in the stem.
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Adjust the handlebar unit to your preferred angle. Position it accordingly, but make sure it is centered in the stem. The handlebars should be well-balanced and move freely.
Tighten the handlebar clamp bolt on the stem. Sit on the seat of your bike in your normal riding position. Put your hands on the grips of the adjusted handlebars. Make sure that you can reach the brake levers easily. Take a slow ride to make sure that the handlebars are not too loose and have been correctly adjusted.
The angle of your handlebars may shift out of place if you hit a curb or perform high-impact maneuvers on your bike. If you’re uncertain about the adjustments you‘ve made, take the bike to a repair shop, so a professional bike mechanic can loosen the handlebars for you.

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