Monday, January 16, 2012

4 Things to Know About Golf Trajectory?

Golf ball trajectory refers to the flight path your ball takes after it leaves the face of your club. The trajectory of the ball influences how far it goes and how it lands once it gets there. For some shots, a low-trajectory ball that rolls is preferred, while others need a high-trajectory ball to land softly on the green. You can control golf ball trajectory a few ways to help you produce the shot you need in every situation.
Step 1
Place the ball farther back in your stance for a lower trajectory and farther ahead in your stance for a higher trajectory. Take a normal swing and follow through.
Step 2
Follow through with your club parallel to the ground or lower for a lower ball trajectory and higher for a higher trajectory.
Step 3
Open the club face slightly to cause the ball to jump up off the face for a high trajectory. Keep the face a little closed to send the ball on a lower trajectory.
Step 4
Swing your club through the ball with a little less velocity to keep a lower trajectory and swing it through faster for a higher trajectory.

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