Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4 Things to Know About Golf Spin

Although spin occurs in golf on every shot, the highest amount of backspin happens when clubs with high loft are swung at high speed. In addition, the best backspin comes as a result of the ball being pinched against the turf, something that happens when the club makes a descending blow to a ball on short grass. The key to achieving high spin is to accelerate the club through impact and make clean contact with the ball.
The Physics of Golf Ball Spin
When the ball is struck, it starts to spin as soon as it leaves the face of the club. The angle of the face at impact along with the angle that the club descends toward the ball are what determine not only how much the ball will spin but also which direction the spin goes. For example, an open face at impact results in side spin that sends the ball curving to the right -- the dreaded slice. On iron shots, backspin is imparted when the ball goes up the grooves of the face at contact.
Adding More Spin to Your Game
When trying to add more spin, many amateurs try to scoop the ball off the ground, which often results in poor contact with little spin. This often results in the clubhead decelerating upon impact, something that kills the spin on the ball. Instead, it is important to focus on making crisp contact with the ball before taking any type of divot. This can be accomplished by moving the ball back in your stance and ensuring that you continue to accelerate the club and make a descending blow into the ball.
Short Game Spin
Adding spin to short shots can be tricky because you do not have the luxury of making a full swing into the ball to create as much spin as possible. When faced with a shot where spin is needed, take one less club that you normally would for that distance and make a more aggressive swing. In addition, make your swing steeper than normal so you can make a descending blow to the ball at contact, which will help get the ball spinning.
Spinning Shots From the Sand
On sand shots, the key to getting the ball to spin is making an aggressive swing with the face held open through contact. To do this, open your stance so you're facing the target and open the club face so it is square to the target. Then, make an aggressive full swing that is more vertical than normal while ensuring that you continue to accelerate through contact.

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