Friday, January 13, 2012

4 Things to Know About Game Stats in Softball

Statistics are an important tool for measuring the performance of a softball team as a whole, as well as the individuals on the team. Statistics help you measure a batter's performance at the plate, a pitcher's performance on the mound and a team's defensive performance. Statistics also tell the story of a particular game, as each at bat is recorded and the statistical entries represent how runs were scored and who made the key plays that decided the outcome of the game.
Step 1
Write down the batting order for your team and the opponent's. A softball score book contains two pages for every game played. The visiting team's information goes on the top page and the home team's information goes on the bottom page. There is a slot to write each player's name, uniform number and position on each page. Once you have this information for both teams, you are prepared to keep the stats of the game.
Step 2
Learn the numbers associated with each position. This will help you keep track of each play as it occurs. The position numbers in softball are as follows: 1-pitcher; 2-catcher; 3-first base; 4-second base; 5-third base; 6-shortstop; 7-left field; 8-center field; 9-right field.
Step 3
Write down the results of each play as it occurs. If the lead-off batter in the first inning hits a ground ball to shortstop and is thrown out, you would write down "6-3" in the slot next to the batter's name for the first inning. The "6" represents that the ball was hit to shortstop and the "3" represents that the first baseman caught the throw to retire the runner. If the second batter hits a double, you would draw two small horizontal lines in the slot next to that batter's name. You will notice that in each slot there is a small softball diamond and four square-shaped areas next to the diamond. The two horizontal lines go in the first square next to the diamond and you will draw a line from home to first and first to second in the diamond. As the runner advances on the bases, you continue to draw lines on the diamond in the slot next to her name.
Step 4
Write down the number of runs and hits each team gets in each inning. These numbers are written down in the bottom row of each inning. Verify these numbers with the person keeping the stats for your team's opponent.

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