Friday, January 13, 2012

4 Things to Know About Boxing Training

A decision to start boxing is one that should not be taken lightly. Boxing is a dangerous sport in which you are trying to throw punches and damage your opponent and he is trying to do the same to you. When you start training for boxing, you are trying to get yourself in the best condition possible and you must also learn the skills that will help you be successful in the ring. If you slack in either area you could end up getting hurt badly.
Step 1
Run early in the morning to help you build endurance that you will use in the ring. Boxers call their early-morning running road work. Boxers will run 3 to 5 miles four times per week in order to get in the best shape possible. After running, boxers will head to the gym and begin their training.
Step 2
Hit the speed bag in order to build quickness, punching accuracy and the ability to anticipate. In order to hit the speed bag in a rhythmic manner, you have to develop a circular motion with your left jab. As you come down with your left and hit the bag, it will rebound three times in a back-front-back manner before you hit it again. When you can follow that pattern, you can introduce your right hand to the speed bag routine and later on you will move your feet.
Step 3
Punch the heavy bag to to develop strength, punching power and endurance in the ring. Boxers understand that power punches are not thrown with just your fists and arms. If you want maximum power when you deliver the punch, you must use your legs, hips, glutes, abs, core muscles, back and shoulders in addition to your arms and fists. Hit the bag for three minutes at a time to mimic the amount of time you spend in the ring in one round of boxing.
Step 4
Get in the ring and spar with an opponent. There are many exercises and drills to do before you get in the ring, but the only true way to test yourself is to get in the ring with a live opponent. You'll ideally be wearing protective headgear and boxing gloves with more padding than usual, since you'll be throwing punches at each other and you can get hurt. Once you finish your first sparring session you'll have a better idea of whether you belong in the ring.

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