Monday, January 16, 2012

4 Things to Know About Arm Rotation in Golf Swing

The golf swing is one of the more complex motions in all of sports and beginning, intermediate and amateur players constantly are trying to master it. The left arm plays an important role throughout the swing sequence, acting as a lever on the backswing as the golfer loads the shaft, then exploding though impact to deliver long, powerful shots.
Fundamental Set-Up
The golf swing is a circle, and the center of the circle is the left shoulder. At address, the left arm hangs straight down and forms a straight line from the clubface, heading up the shaft, left wrist, forearm and all the way to the shoulder. This should remain a focal point of the swing sequence, as the body swings the arms and golf club, and not the other way around. At address, the left arm is preparing to act as a lever throughout the swing.
The golf swing is started by the shoulders turning away from the target and the core rotating backward. The arms and clubface are the last elements of the swing to move, as the body has to clear out to give the club room to swing back on plane. The left arm hinges to start, then straightens out as the golfer extends his hands to the sky on the backswing.
Setting the club at the top of the golf swing requires the left arm to straighten and the left shoulder to be extended under the golfer's chin. This ensures that the club has been fully extended and provides the ideal width to drop the club into the slot position. The left arm loads and lags the club, with the clubhead swinging down well inside the back swing arc, to deliver a powerful, descending blow at impact.
Impact and Follow Through
The left arm remains straight through impact as golfers return the clubface to the address position. Ideally, the club will not flip or scoop through impact as the hands remain well ahead of the clubface. After impact, the left arm is covered by the right arm as the hands rotate naturally. Your weight should shift from the right side to the left as your arms extend outward to a full finish.

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