Monday, January 9, 2012

4 Best Boxing Training DVDs

Boxing is an intense sport that requires not only great physical strength and aerobic endurance, but a firm grasp of technique and strategy. For this reason, you'll benefit from an instructional DVD as you begin to learn how to master the sport. These DVDs provide tips from professional boxers and help you correct your technique at a much lower cost than having a professional trainer. In addition, boxing instructional DVDs allow you to learn at your own pace, so you can focus on trouble spots and skip over areas of mastery.
Bas Rutten's Big DVDs of Combat
According to the website MMA Gear News, "Bas Rutten's Big DVDs of Combat" is a comprehensive collection featuring more than 12 hours of instruction. While Rutten does cover a number of MMA techniques such as submissions, the bulk of the DVD set covers striking and punching. In addition, this combat DVD collection covers positioning and warm-ups. MMA, or mixed martial arts, is a combat sport showcased in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Don Familton's Superior Boxing
Don Familton is a top boxing trainer, and according to the website, his "Superior Boxing" DVD collection is "incredible." The site explains that the Superior Boxing DVD set has five discs, each touching on different technical aspects of the sport. Familton's DVD set teaches you defensive and offensive techniques, combinations and the fundamentals of boxing.
Everlast Training DVD #1
Everlast is a leading manufacturer of boxing equipment, and the brand's "Training DVD #1" will help you understand how to perform in the ring and also how to use your training equipment to your advantage. The DVD is led by Michael Olajide, who is a former champion boxer and a fitness instructor, according to boxing website The Sweet Science. This DVD covers everything from wrapping your hands and positioning, to medicine ball and jump rope workout techniques.
Chris Getz Ultimate Boxing Lessons
Chris Getz is a renowned boxing coach and his "Ultimate Boxing Lessons" DVD features eight discs that cover training, sparring, ring strategy, defense and training routines. According to the boxing website, the DVD set presents information clearly and offers many insights. It also features a wide variety of workout routines, including calisthenics, abdominal training, plyometrics, stretching and shadowboxing. This set may be an excellent introduction to your boxing career.

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