Monday, January 16, 2012

3 Ways to Prevent Backspin in Golf Swing

The highlights of a golf shot landing past the hole and then spinning back into the cup are certainly impressive, but for the majority of your golf shots, reduce the backspin on the ball in order to increase distance. Especially on your drives, minimize the amount of backspin on the ball so that the ball can get a forward roll and put you closer to the green.
Step 1
Tee your ball up a little bit higher. This applies only to your tee shots, but the farther the ball is off the ground the more likely you are to swing with a slight uppercut. Swinging like this helps to increase the launch angle, lofting the ball higher into the air with less spin. Keep your arms extended as you swing, so that you can get full extension and stay behind the ball, sending it as far as possible with minimal spin.
Step 2
Adjust your stance so that your hips are slightly open and the ball is just in front of your back foot. Your front foot should be just a few inches behind your back foot, and swing to hit through the ball like the ball is centered between your legs. This helps promote a lower trajectory in what is sometimes called a "stinger," which helps minimize the backspin on the ball and promotes a forward roll, and is primarily done with iron shots that you want to keep closer to the ground.
Step 3
Swing upward on the ball. Rather than swinging downward at the ground, aim to get the ball at the start of your upswing. One way to help promote hitting the ball on the upswing is to not ground your club as you address the ball. If you hit downward, the ball has a tendency to pop off the face of the club with more spin. This is especially important when you are hitting a fairway wood and is also crucial on the green, so the ball can roll forward as smoothly as possible.

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