Monday, January 9, 2012

3 Things to Know for Boxing Equipments

Boxing is a sport that demands physical and mental discipline and dedication. But performing well also requires that you use tools appropriate to the task. All boxing equipment is not created equal, and you'll need to consider several things when deciding what to buy.
Step 1
List your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete. If you have fast hands but need to improve your timing, or if you have strong legs but a weak upper body, you'll need to choose equipment accordingly. Most training devices for boxers are designed to enhance a specific aspect of the fighter's game.
Step 2
Determine your preferred style of fighting. If you like to fight on the move, select shoes with thin, flat soles and little traction. Boxing ring floors are covered with padded canvas, which automatically adds an extra level of resistance to your movements. If you prefer to sit and slug, however, purchase heavier footwear with thick, ridged soles that grip the floor when you punch. Choose a protective cup that completely wraps around the lower half of your midsection, extending at least three vertical inches from your waist while covering your kidneys and hip bones. Select gloves that fit your hands firmly on the inside. The fists should be filled with compact padding that releases little air through squeezing.
Step 3
Order from a reputable retailer. Although you can find boxing equipment in the sporting sections of many department stores, these establishments typically carry what skilled boxers consider "novelty" gear, mainly good for use in the backyard with an uncle or brother. Most serious boxers purchase from one or more professional-grade brands, such as Ringside, Title or Grant. You can order from these manufacturers through catalogs and the manufacturers' websites.

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