Monday, January 9, 2012

3 Things to Know About Everlast Boxing DVD's

Everlast makes boxing equipment and training tools. The company also sells two boxing training DVDs featuring Michael Olajide, a former middleweight champion. Everlast's DVDs offer either a novice or an advanced boxing workout.
The Everlast Novice DVD teaches boxing stances, punching techniques and basic boxing combinations. Other parts of this workout include speed bag techniques, jump rope exercises and hand-wrapping techniques. This DVD also teaches you how to practice boxing with a partner.
The Everlast Advanced DVD builds on the novice techniques, focusing on shadowboxing and hitting a heavy bag. This workout also demonstrates proper hand-wrapping techniques, and contains a cool-down segment with stretching exercises.
Price and Length
As of August 2010, both Everlast boxing workout DVDs are $10 on Everlast's website. Your shipping costs will depend on where you live and which shipping carrier you select. The DVDs are each 60 minutes long.

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