Saturday, December 31, 2011

Get in Shape & Cardio Benefits of Cardio Boxing

Cardio boxing is a form of cardiovascular training that uses techniques from boxing combined in a particular order to build endurance, strength and coordination while toning your body. Shadow boxing is common in this exercise, thus allowing you to perform it anywhere with little or no equipment. Its rising popularity has led many fitness centers to offer various forms of cardio boxing group exercise classes.


As with any exercise, cardio boxing always begins with a warmup. Jumping rope is the most common warmup for this workout, but any type of cardio will suffice. Technique training is commonly the next phase of cardio boxing. Participants focus on improving their form of various punches and kicks with focus mitts, a bag or shadow boxing. The third phase often targets punch drills and combinations. This phase is the most intense endurance phase. Finally you reach the wrap-up, another intense phase including core, speed and endurance training, as well as arm strengthening and stretching. Always allow your body a proper cooldown at the end of this or any workout.


With the name cardio boxing, it is clear that this form of exercise offers cardiovascular benefits. What sets it apart from many other cardio workouts, though, are the various other fitness benefits received from it. Arm and core strength are developed through punches, primarily when target mitts or a heavy bag are involved. Kicks build leg and core strength. Shadow boxing improves muscular endurance because of its high level of repetitions. Coordination, speed, agility and dexterity are all developed through cardio boxing workouts.


Cardio boxing offers a sense of empowerment as you learn proper techniques that could aid in self-defense. This creates a greater euphoric feeling than most other forms of cardiovascular exercise. Punching a heavy bag or target mitts relieves tension and reduces stress. If you are looking for an exercise that will build your self-esteem and help you feel better about your appearance, cardio boxing will give you reason to hold your head high. The high repetitions combined with the intense cardio bouts will tone your body better than most other forms of exercise. It rolls many different modalities into one diverse, intense and unique workout.


Most fitness centers now offer various types of cardio boxing classes. Boxing gyms that previously focused on ring boxing are cashing in on the surge in cardio boxing popularity by offering classes that focus on technique while still providing a challenging workout. If you prefer staying at home, video game systems such as Nintendo Wii offer games with cardio boxing workouts you can perform in your living room.

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