Friday, December 30, 2011

4 Tips to Strengthen Your Fingers

The fingers are small compared to other body parts, but they perform many essential functions. The bones and muscles in your hands allow you to grasp and carry items of different sizes, shapes, structures and weights. However, circumstances such as the natural aging process, an injury to your hand or too much strain on your hands can weaken your fingers. Fortunately, you can stretch a weak finger to help improve blood circulation and improve the range of motion in the joint. You can also use several hand exercises to help strengthen a weak finger.
Step 1
Hold your affected hand straight out in front of you, and spread your fingers as far out as you can until you feel a mild stretch. Bend your affected finger along with your other fingers in a controlled motion toward your palm. Hold for 10 seconds then gradually release your fingers to the starting position. Repeat five times daily.
Step 2
Hold your affected hand straight in front of you with the palm facing out. Place the palm of your unaffected hand facing toward you, against the fingers of the affected hand. Gently pull your fingers toward you as far as you comfortably can; you should feel a mild stretch and no pain. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds, then relax. Do this three times daily.
Step 3
Utilize tools like stress balls for squeezing exercises. Do this any time of the day by simply squeezing the ball or putty, then releasing it several times. Other activities like kneading bread dough or molding putty can also strengthen your finger.
Step 4
Place your hand on a flat surface, with your palm facing down. Lift your affected finger as high as you can toward the ceiling, while keeping the rest of your fingers flat. Hold for five seconds and slowly lower your finger back to starting position. Repeat exercise 10 times daily.

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