Saturday, January 7, 2012

Things to Have for Your Boxing Passion

If you are serious about taking up boxing, you need your own equipment or access to a number of different pieces that can help you increase your skill level. If you are thinking about joining a boxing gym, you want to make sure you have access to equipment that will increase your punching power, hand speed, quickness and endurance.
Boxing Gloves
You will need a series of boxing gloves when you prepare to become a boxer. Boxing gloves weigh between 10 and 16 oz. You will wear 10 oz. gloves when you hit the speed bag. You will use 12 oz. gloves when hitting the heavy bag or the focus mitts. When you fight in an official amateur or professional bout, you will most likely use 14 or 16 oz. boxing gloves. When you are sparring to prepare for a bout you will use 16 oz. gloves.
Speed Bag
To practice your sport, hit the speed bag. This will help you work on your timing, quickness, hand-eye coordination and endurance. Concentrate on hitting the speed bag with your left jab. Hit the speed bag for five minutes at a time, take a one-minute break and then repeat the exercise.
Heavy Bag
To work on your punching power, strength, explosiveness and endurance, you need to hit the heavy bag every day you train. You will quickly learn that to hit the heavy bag effectively you have to put your entire body behind each punch you throw. It's not enough to swing your fist and hit the bag. Power punches start in the legs, travel up the torso, go through the upper body and arms. Hit the heavy bag for five minutes, take a one-minute break and then hit the heavy bag again for another five minutes.
Mouth Guard
When you prepare to spar or go into the ring for a fight, you must have a mouth guard to protect your teeth. If you get hit in the mouth without wearing a mouth guard, your teeth can break from a short, sharp punch. However, if you have your mouth guard in place, you can absorb a power shot your teeth will stay intact. A boxing mouth guard covers both rows of teeth and you keep it in place by biting down on it.

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